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Our Games

At Hellion Cat, beside smart games, we delight making Hack'n'slash, RPG or Platformers. We love being creative and tackle new challenges.

Our Team

Build by Ludovic Mahieu, Hellion Cat's tribe counts Wendy Broeckx & Jérémy Leclef as fearsome code warriors. But also Jessica Michel & Félix Havrenne, tamers of colorful legends.

Our ambitious, flexible & motivated team will use all his energy for your satisfaction with our training, communication and entertaining games solutions.

Our Services

Gamified Human Ressources

36 of 40 company from CAC40 use at least 1 serious game. And you?

In the business world, games have already been successfully applied to recruiting, inducting of new employees, raising awareness of corporate values, and even personnel training. As a topic that is much researched by the academic world, games have been proven to be a worthwhile investment in human resources.

When entrusting your HR game project to Hellion Cat, you are guaranteed a tailor-made result that will also be aligned with the best practice in the HR field, as Ludovic Mahieu holds a master's degree in human resources management from the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

Interactive Communication

Studies shew that interactive communication is more proficient. And you, how do you communicate ?

Whether you need to get a message across, increase customer commitment or brand recall, raise the profile of a new product or even gather data on your prospects, advertgames can be helpful. This type of games is a lasting investment in communication and is being increasingly used. The games evoke emotional responses from your customers or prospects and boost memory recall. Advertgames can also be used for inbound marketing purposes by offering your customers something more original than a white paper in exchange for an email address or other contact details.

Games can also serve as a complementary communication tool to customer experience. More and more museums resort to this approach in order to provide visitors with an interactive experience which appeals to children and adults alike.

Hellion Cat pays close attention to your specific needs and will put forward the most effective solutions to maximize your communication campaign’s return on investment. True to our company philosophy – Beyond Games. We also offer comprehensive marketing campaigns through our cooperation with various partners.

Games Development

Video Games or Board Games, we love create games for your entertainment

Games have existed since the dawn of time and won’t be disappearing any time soon, even if game forms are changing. Hellion Cat has a soft spot for Hack’n’Slash, RPGs and platformers development, but we are ready to take on any challenge. We can also make board and parlor games.

As a publisher or studio ready to entrust the development of your game to Hellion Cat, you are guaranteed a product which will meet both the users’ needs as well as your own requirements. Our aim is to offer quality games designed for maximum enjoyment, which will be considered must-haves.

We mainly develop for desktop and mobiles, but our friends from Curious Craft can bring us the required expertise in the fields of enhanced and virtual realities.

We put all of our know-how at your disposal to help you carry out intelligent games projects dealing with training, communication, entertainment, or any requirement of your company or institution!

Our Assets

Playful Spirit

Hellion Cat believes that any game – regardless of the seriousness of its goal – must keep a recreational side. Studies have proven that a serious game’s success depends on its ability to remain a fun, non-obligatory activity. This is the basis of our intelligent game concept.


Some studios offer ready-to-use solutions. Hellion Cat’s approach differs in that we would rather create custom-made tools for you and treat you as a privileged client seeking the best value for money.


No need to buy a client-developer dictionary when working with Hellion Cat. For your convenience, we take full charge of translating your requirements and guiding our developers and partners through the creation process.

Strong Art Style

Whether through our own designers or our partners, you will benefit from an original graphic style that will help you stand out from competitors and have a strong wow effect on the users.

User Experience

Our development always puts the end user first so it can provide them with the best, most user-friendly experience. The smoother the gaming experience, the more powerful, efficient and noticeable the impact.

Specific Skills

As an additional guarantee of quality for your projects in those areas, our team not only includes experts in management and human resources management, but also in the medical and scientific fields.

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